Young Building

Young Building

Bellingham, WA

Project Status: Complete

In the heart of Bellingham’s charming Fairhaven neighborhood are the historic Waldron & Young Buildings which now house a collection of exquisitely crafted condominiums built by Summit Construction.

The Young Building Condos were constructed by Summit Construction in 2007 at the same time they were renovating the adjacent Waldron Building. The Young Building consists of 20 residential condos with street level retail. Beneath the Young Building is a shared parking garage for both the Young and Waldron condos. The Young Building sits away from its neighboring buildings, creating an inviting shopping corridor, called McKenzie Alley. The public can enjoy a blend of boutiques, specialty shops, and deli/espresso cafés in a relaxing atmosphere replete with bistro tables, container gardening, and water décor.

Fairhaven History

From 1889 to 1890, Fairhaven was the happening place, with adventurers, explorers, and investors arriving by the boatload. Fairhaven was in the running to be the new major railroad terminus. Over 35 hotels and boarding houses were built during that year alone, and still, the town overflowed.

The Waldron Building was built during this boom in 1891. The bank of Fairhaven, a stationery store and real estate offices were among its first occupants. Fortunately for us today, the Fairhaven terminus never materialized, and a peaceful historic district full of charm and bay views remains for our enjoyment.

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